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Companies, people and hot trends that are driving Wall Street and the economy. Anchor Bill Griffeth fields viewer calls and e-mails—ranging from specific stocks to 401-K plans—that are answered by the experts live daily. On-air company news editor David Faber, in his daily “Faber Report”, regularly reports breaking business news exclusives. Special segments include “Making Your Money Work,” featuring a certified financial planner who offers advice on everything from asset allocation to taxes. “The Halftime Report” recaps the morning’s action and lays out a strategy for the afternoon. Larry Bauman and Bob O’Brien provide updates on individual stocks from the Dow Jones Newswires Desk and fund managers weigh in with their top five stock picks each Thursday on “Power Portfolio.” Also on Thursday, The Wall Street Journal personal technology columnist Walter Mossberg takes a closer look at the latest personal computers, software and other high-tech gadgets. On “Stock Picking Friday,” portfolio managers answer viewers calls and e-mails regarding individual stock.


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