01-15-2003 8:00PM

ARE YOU IN OR OUT? ED THROWS IN WITH A CLIENT WHO’S ‘OUTED’ — Ed (Tom Cavanagh) and his new attorney Frankie (guest star Sabrina Lloyd, “Sports Night”) agree to represent a stable owner (guest star Howard Spiegel) who once rented him a horse when the man is threatened by his well-meaning sister (Margo Martindale) with being publicly “outed.” Elsewhere, Mike (Josh Randall) sees his practice sabotaged by a vindictive Dr. Jerome (guest star Marvin Chatinover) while a jilted Carol (Julie Bowen) is urged to survey Stuckeyville for new romantic prospects that just might be under her nose. JanaMarie Hupp, Lesley Boone, Michael Ian Black, Daryl “Chill” Mitchell and Rachel Cronin also star. Jim Gaffigan also guest-stars..

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