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Saturday, October 26 on NBC (8-8:30 p.m. ET)

NBC presents the return of Fat Albert and his boyz from the ‘hood in one of the freakiest and funniest animated specials ever created in “The Fat Albert Halloween Special.” With Bill Cosby (“The Cosby Show”) himself supplying many of the voices, all of his beloved characters are here in this colorful cartoon form, and, not to mention some funky and freaky Halloween costumes. The gang includes Bill as a young boy, his precocious younger brother Russell, his pals Rudy and Devry, Devry’s sassy sister Melba, and of course the big guy himself, Fat Albert. They’re out to scare up some Halloween fun by playing tricks on the “old folks” in town. But their fright night festivities take an unexpected turn at Old Lady Blackwell’s place, the weird, creepy house by the graveyard, where the biggest, bone-chillin’est surprise is waiting for them. Lou Scheimer (“Happily Ever After”) and Norm Prescott (“Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”) produce the animated classic directed by Hal Sutherland (“Oliver Twist”), and written by Bill Danch and Jim Ryan.


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