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This cross-generational, domestic comedy from the producers of NBC’s “Frasier” features a relationship between “natural enemies” – father-in-law versus son-in-law – as they “fight” for the love of one woman.

Newlyweds Matt (Elon Gold, “Clerks”) and Alex (Bonnie Somerville, NBC’s “Friends”) move in with her parents (Dennis Farina, “Get Shorty,” and Emmy winner Jean Smart, “Designing Women”) to save money so Matt can attend cooking school, forever changing the dynamics of this loving family.

The challenges are great as Matt clashes with Victor Pellet (Farina), his overprotective, gruff father-in-law. A self-made man, Victor owns a private security firm and routinely takes offense at every turn — often insisting on so much “private convo time” that the boxed-in Matt feels more like an outlaw than an in-law. Meanwhile, Marlene (Smart), Matt’s sleek mother-in-law, trades in her designer apron for a real-estate license. Alex, works as a nurse when she’s not mediating between her father and husband.

The misunderstandings and hair-trigger relationships all make for an unruly yet loving household – and a rocky start for the exasperated Matt and Alex, who knows how to handle her father yet finds herself walking the fine line between being “Daddy’s little girl” and a new wife.

Mark Reisman (“Frasier,” “Wings”) is the executive producer and writer of “In-Laws” from NBC Studios, Paramount Television and Grammnet Productions. Multiple Emmy winner Kelsey Grammer (“Frasier”) also is executive producer.


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