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Saturday, November 9 on NBC (8-11 p.m. ET)

Based on the best-selling book by Michael Crichton (NBC’s “ER”), NBC presents an encore broadcast of one of the biggest-grossing films of all time in “Jurassic Park.” Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Sam Neill (NBC’s “Merlin,” “Submerged”) and Golden Globe winner Laura Dern (“Rambling Rose,” “Dr. T & the Women”) star as paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler, who visit billionaire developer John Hammond’s (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Richard Attenborough, “Ghandi”) remarkable Jurassic Park, a place where wondrous dinosaurs — genetically created from fossilized DNA samples — roam the land. When the creatures break out of captivity, they go on a wild rampage through the park, leading the visitors on a terrifying journey for survival. Oscar nominee Jeff Goldblum (“Auggie Rose”), Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Samuel L. Jackson (“Pulp Fiction”), Wayne Knight (“Seinfeld”), Ariana Richards (“Race Against Fear”) and Joseph Mazzello (“Simon Birch”) also star in this Academy Award-winning film (Best Visual Effects).


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