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Saturday, January 4 on NBC (8-11 p.m. ET)

Set against a luxurious Italian backdrop, Anthony Minghella’s suspenseful film follows Tom Ripley (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Matt Damon), a young New York men’s room attendant, who is befriended by the father of a spoiled playboy, Dickie Greenleaf (two-time Golden Globe nominee Jude Law). Dickie’s father sends Tom to track down his wayward son in Venice and return him to his family in America, but Tom’s talents include forgery and impersonating voices as he charms his way into the lives of Dickie and his girlfriend Marge (Oscar and Golden Globe winner Gwyneth Paltrow). Tom’s immediate attraction to Dickie makes apparent his desire to be anyone but himself, and as the friendship develops, his true character begins to emerge. He soon takes extreme measures in order to maintain his place in the privileged world that he has grown to love.


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