01-12-2003 8:00PM

REPORT CARD DAY CAUSES PROBLEMS FOR MEG — Concerned about Meg’s (Brittany Snow) sliding grades, Helen (Gail O’Grady) attempts to encourage her daughter by inviting her to a college lecture in lieu of “American Bandstand.” Despondent over her mother’s sudden interest in her education, Meg turns to boyfriend Luke (guest star Jamie Elman ) for support, only to be disappointed when he sides with Helen. Meanwhile, as JJ (Will Estes) and Beth (Rachel Boston) rekindle their relationship, the question of his relationship with Colleen (guest star Jessica Collins) comes up. Elsewhere, the Pryors welcome an unexpected houseguest when an angry Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) takes refuge, refusing to share a home with her mother’s new boyfriend. Jack (Tom Verica) encourages Will (Ethan Dampf) to stand-up for himself against a school bully, only to learn that his youngest son is in fact the schoolyard intimidator and Henry (Jonathan Adams) welcomes troubled nephew Nathan (guest star Keith Robinson) to his family. Arlen Escarpeta and Sarah Ramos also star..

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