01-27-2003 9:00PM

ICY YOKAS FEARS HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER MIGHT BE SNOWED BY OLDER BOYFRIEND — As a violent snowstorm blankets the city, Officer Yokas (Molly Price) worries that her teenaged daughter (guest star Bonnie Dennison) might be courting boy trouble when she begins spending more time with her older boyfriend (guest star Joseph Cross) — a concern that proves prophetic when the young lovers are trapped in a snowdrift after using a dangerous drug. Meanwhile, a shorthanded Doc (Michael Beach) risks his career when he takes pity on paramedic Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) — still under suspension for a patient’s molestation charge — and puts him back on the street. In addition, Davis (Coby Bell) detects a new tilt in his partner Sully’s self-destructive attitude. Jason Wiles, Eddie Cibrian, Kim Raver, Amy Carlson and Chris Bauer also star..

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