WAR STORIES (Parental Advisory)

WAR STORIES (Parental Advisory)
01-29-2003 8:00PM

“War Stories” delves into the lives of professional news reporters on the front lines of the new 21st Century warfare – unconventional conflicts fought without boarders, without rules and without traditional enemies. These journalists cover civil war zone of Uzbekistan outside Afghanistan working between the battle lines in a non-stop, relentless competition with each other for the exclusive story. Newspaperman Ben Dansmore (Jeff Goldblum, “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day”), a writer for the Baltimore Star, is struggling to shake off the recent killing of his photographer partner. He is now assigned with rookie photographer Nora Stone (Lake Bell, “Slammed”) whose idealism comes into immediate conflict with Ben’s jaded sensibility. Also part of the media pool is hard-charging Newsweek reporter Gayle Phelan (Louise Lombard, “House of Elliot”), CNN newsman Ian Rhys (Jeffrey Nordling, “Once and Again”), and the charming, enigmatic “unnamed source” Abduran “Rainy” Tamarov (Noam Jenkins, “Wisegirls”).On their first assignment, Ben and Nora cover the U.S. bombing of a Refugee camp. When Ben is unhappy with Nora’s photos, she returns to her hotel room only to find someone has taped up her photos all over the walls with the words “look closer.” Nora is clearly spooked, but feverishly looks through her images and on close inspection finds military tanks from the militant group the U.S. is fighting hidden in the trees behind the camp. After investigating the camp again, Ben and Nora run with their new story, but must confront the source who they think gave them the tip-off..


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