02-04-2003 9:30PM

SERIES PREMIERE–SCOTT FOLEY STARS AS NOVICE ASSISTANT UNITED STATES ATTORNEY HOPING TO IMPRESS BOSS AND BEAUTIFUL CO-WORKER WHEN HE RECEIVES HIS FIRST CASE–Adam Sullivan (Scott Foley) begins his career as an Assistant U. S. Attorney, going head-to-head with former classmate and dream date Susan Rakoff (Amanda Detmer), who now works as a legal aid lawyer. Adam’s roommate, Owen Harper (Eddie McClintock), complicates his case by visiting the courthouse for some inadvertent jury-tampering–much to the dismay of Adam’s reluctant boss Geoffrey Laurence (Peter Jacobson). John Ross Bowie also stars; Kathryn Joosten (“The West Wing”) and Phil Hendrie guest star..

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