Hardball – 101601

Hardball with Chris Matthews
Hardball – 101601
10-16-2001 8:00PM

A hard look at the game of power played in the backrooms of Washington, boardrooms of Wall Street and backlots of Hollywood.Guests: Larry Johnson, aviation terrorism expert and Capt. Phillip Beale, American Airlines will discuss the transcripts from the doomed flights on Sept. 11. Haron Amin, principle spokesperson, Northern Alliance, Christopher Whitcomb, former FBI agent and Steve Emerson, terrorism analyst will discuss bio terrorism. Larry Stewart, president, Trial Lawyers Care and Colleen Mahooli, wife who lost her husband in the WTC will discuss getting benefits to the families of victims. Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA) and William Arkin, military analyst will discuss military actions in the Middle East..

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