Hardball with Chris Matthews
03-25-2002 7:00PM

Christopher Dickey from Newsweek will be talking about the future of Israel. John Wallach, author of “Arafat: In the Eyes of the Beholder,” and Rob Sobhani, Iranian Expert, will be talking about Yasser Arafat and the connection between Iran and Palestine. Bill Gertz, from the Washington Times, will be talking about Michael Speicher, the soldier that was supposedly killed in the Gulf War, but may still be alive. Marwan Kanafani, Yasser Arafat’s spokesman, and Ronald Dermer, Jerusalem Post Political Columnist, will be on talking about the debate on whether Yasser Arafat should go to Lebanon for the Arab League Convention. Mary Schiavo, former DOT Inspector General, will be discussing our airline security..

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