10-07-1996 8:30PM

Tom moves into the school dormitory and becomes the resident supervisor for six male students. Felcher has his own brood downstairs; Amanda and her girls are just across the way. Felcher is constantly on Tom’s back as he adjusts, much like a problem teenager himself, to the rules and regulations of the dorm (keeping the music down, no girls in the room, etc.) Tom throws the kids a raucous pizza bash in his (tiny) studio to kick off the year. Felcher reports him to Heary, who insists they work it out themselves. Felcher gives tom a pair of music headphones as a peace offering.But while Tom’s rockin’ out, his boys seize the opportunity to sneak out of the dorm. The 15-year-old ringleader of the escape is a third generation Harkin student who knows his way around-a bilko-type, smooth operator. (He’ll cause our fearless leader countless headaches in the future.) Nikki alerts Tom to the caper and the two head out to hunt for the boys. The town is so small so they turn up quickly. Sneaking them back into the dorm, however, proves trickier. Tom vamps to distract Felcher while the boys slip by undetected, one at a time. The kids are adrenalized by the whole affair, but Tom reads them the riot act for taking advantage of his trust. Both sides acknowlege they need to grow up and take some responsibility. Cut to Tom hanging in his room with a smoking Nikki (that’s two more rules broken.).

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