10-19-1996 10:00PM

Sam investigates a killing in which the body is posed distinctively and covered with bizarre markings, exactily like a series of crimes for which Bailey already convicted someone ten years ago. Interviewing this convict cand reviewing the cases leads Sam to suspect the real killer was never caught. Sam begins to penetrate the world of a bizarre, brilliant mind whose use of the ancient Chinese I CHING divinaiton art is creating murderous results. A startling insight gains them a finger print, which is classified by the federal government. Penetrating this veil leads to a suspect, a powerful and shadowy Colonel in the U.S. weapon’s program. On the verge of making an arrest. Sam’s profiling skills lead her to suspect he is not the killer, but is protecting someone. The real culprit is a brilliant mathematician and weapons specialist whose bizarre worldview requires him to kill. Bailey’s original convict was a copycat, but this time Sam and company get the right man..

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