11-25-1996 8:30PM

Heary discovers that Tom once wrote a play that went up for about a day, way, way, way off Broadway. He decides that Harkin ought to revive it as their annual school play. Everyone works on the production; the kids are the actors, Felcher is the drill sergeant director, Amanda is the wacky propmaster; and Nikki’s the publicist. When word gets out that a major benefactress of the school is coming on opening night to what she thinks is a thanksgiving play, Heary asks Tom for a ‘minor creative adjustment.’ Soon, Tom’s play about low life thieves and a heist gone bad, endsup with a Thanksgiving theme – complete with Pilgrims, Native Americans, and of course, lots o’turkeys. Zoey is devastated when Dani gets the lead. Tom tries (and fails) to console her by asking her to understudy the role. Dani realizes how much the part means to Zoey, so, makes a backwardly gracious gesture – she pretends at the last moment to have laryngitis. Zoey, who never bothered to learn the lines, panics, but hey, the show must go on, In the end, she’s a smash, and the two girls bond..

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