01-04-1997 10:00PM

When two murders and a series of mysterious events occur on Indian reservations, the VCTF is called in to investigate. At the latest crime scene, Sam and the team learn that people living on the reservation believe they are being punished by an ancient Indian spirit, Nacazanti. A lack of evidence at the crime scenes does little to assuage their fears, nor does it help our team as theytry to solve the case. Eventually, Sam hits upon the idea that their very human suspect is a NativeAmerican striking out against the tribal traditions with which he was raised. To learn more about the tribal way of life, Sam consults the reservation’s wisest elder, Uncle Joe. He helps her to not only narrow her profile to a few suspects, but also introduces her to the tribe’s ancient mysticism. Meanwhile, Bailey is concerned by the loss of his FBI ID. Though he is sure he did not misplace it, he is still unable to determine its whereabouts. What he doesn’t know is that Jack has stolen his credentials, and is now using them to imperonate Bailey back in Atlanta. In an exciting climax, the team rushes to save Uncle Joe who has been abducted by the tribal killer and Bailey, upon his return to Atlanta, finally finds his ID…pinned to the body of Jack’s latest victim..

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