02-01-1997 10:00PM

A FBI agent is killed during a Mafia stake-out. At first, it seems like an open and shut case with the crime boss as the prime suspect. Once the VCTF steps in, however, Sam quickly rules the mobster out as the killer. While searching for a new theory, a second crime with the same m.o. occures and Sam focuses on the fact that both victims have been posed in a very elaborate and specific manner. Sam soon realizes the killer is replicating famous artworks; this leads the VCTF into the avant garde art world. The investigation takes them to the cutting edge Tennessee Art Institute and, while interviewing a professor, Sam unexpectedly stumbles into the killer’s lair and is taken hostage. To give the team time to rescue her, she plays a profiler’ game of psychological cat and mouse with the deranged ‘artist’ who is bent on making her his latest creation…Bailey’s monitoring of Sam has been hampered by bugs in the VCTF computer/communication system, but acting on a hunch he still gets there in time…meanwhile, back at the VCTF, a startling discovery is made, Jack has penetrated the VCTF computer system and is using the team’s own technology against them….

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