03-10-1997 8:30PM

An attractive 30-year-old woman comes to Harkin to shoot a video catalog for prospective students and parents. Mr. Felcher is instantly attracted to her. But when Tom meets her, he’s smitten too. Felcher and Tom find themselves having a good old fashioned rivalry, as they vie for the woman’s Valentine’s Day affection. Jake, still elated from spending Christmas in the snow cave with Dani, is counting on romance. Dani asks Jake to go with her, and a group of people, to the Valentine’s Day dance. He misunderstands her invitation and thinks its a date. In the meantime, Dani is invited to the dance by a senior guy. when Jake finds out, he’s crushed. Tom is there to pick up the pieces and give Jake a little perspective on that hellish thing called ‘love.’ Amanda’s romance with Howard is going strong, despite her jealoys fear that he’s ‘catnip’ to all women. Nikki offers to help Howard find Amanda a Valentine’s Day gift. Amanda catches them talking quietly several times and assumes they’re having an affair..

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