03-22-1997 10:00PM

A high profile hostage situation erupts in the nation’s capital and the VCTF is called in to handle negotiations. The team learns that Dr. Martin Zahn, the guru of the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal, is the mastermindbehind the plot and he, along with a band of mercenaries, have taken a number of V.I.P. hostage in a Washington hotel. Sam volunteers to talk ‘face to face’ with Zahn so that she can profile the renegade scientist and hopefully diffuse the volatile situation. Zahn escalates the crisis by refusing to let Sam go one she’s inside, leaving Bailey, John and Coop helpless to come toher aid. Zahn admits to Sam that he is deeply tourbled by the weapons of destruction he has helped to create. When the FBI storms the hotel, Zahn gathers Sam and his two most influential hostages, and demands transportation to a local airstrip. Bailey contacts Zahn’s brother, also a nuclear weapons expert, and asks for his help in negotiating with martin. Once at the airstrip, Sam realizes that the hostage plot was an elaborate ruse for Zahn to kill himself, his brother, and the two other hostages, both of whom are involved in the sale of nuclear weapons. Bailey must also address the problems of his estranged teenage daughter Frances, who has recently been arrested. Aware the VCTF’s attentions are focused elsewhere, Jack uses the opportunity to wrap up a loose end by killing the nun who inadvertently provided him with his former lair..

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