04-22-2000 10:00PM

RACHEL STRUGGLES TO FIND MISSING LINK WHEN SERIAL MURDERER LEAVES MANY BODIES BUT FEW CLUES — A mysterious serial killer who abandons a cross-section of victims leaves few patterns for Rachel (Jamie Luner) and the VCTF team to ponder until she theorizes that the slayer sees his quarry — including a recently abducted young boy (guest star Andrew Sandler) — as representatives of various people in his life who might have suffered painful deaths. While working the case, Bailey (Robert Davi) must testify before a congressional subcommittee in an effort to save funding for the VCTF and gets no help from his new lover (guest star Erin Gray). In addition, Rachel’s attention is diverted by the ransacking of her apartment, which she suspects is linked to old enemies in federal law enforcement. Julian McMahon, Roma Maffia and Peter Frechette also star..

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