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06-30-2000 8:00PM

SYD WELCOMES OLD FRIEND, WHO’S NOW A CELEBRITY, PRIOR TO SCHOOL REUNION — Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) has mixed feelings as her 15th high school reunion nears while everyone is eagerly awaiting the return home of her best friend (guest star Susan Walter), a successful celebrity author, businesswoman and TV show host who is seen as the perfect homemaker, but Syd suspects her excessive tidiness borders on a mental health disorder. Elsewhere, Robbie (Seth Peterson) panics when he learns that his friend Charlie (guest star Josh Daugherty) intends to ask Heather (guest star Dana Daurey) to marry him, and Jim (Mike Farrell) tries to rescue a rambunctious ferret from the clutches of a shotgun-bearing grouch (guest star Dion Anderson). Paula Cale also stars..

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