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11-10-2000 8:00PM

SYD IS ANGEL OF MERCY TO DISFIGURED IMMIGRANT BOY — Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) takes pity on a poor illegal immigrant boy (guest star Jacob Urrutia) with a severely cleft palate and arranges for pro bono surgery to correct the condition but she questions whether she can perform the procedure — and learns a lesson from her buff physical therapist (guest star Rob Estes) even as their romance blossoms. Elsewhere, Robbie (Seth Peterson) is frustrated in his attempts to help his former adversary Andi (guest star Angela Featherstone) who seems bent on her own destruction; Joanie’s (Paula Cale) boyfriend Burt (guest star Jon Hamm) bravely undergoes important elective surgery; and Jim (Mike Farrell) has a novel idea to help a man (guest star John S. O’Donohue) stop his chatty parrot from blabbing so much. Concetta Tomei also stars..

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