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11-24-2000 8:00PM

TWO-HOUR THANKSGIVING MOVIE FEATURES GUEST STARS TIPPI HEDREN & ROB ESTES — In a special two-hour Thanksgiving episode, the Hansens plan to spend the holiday apart but their kindness abounds as Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) shelters a lost Chinese girl (guest star Chantine Akiyama) who got separated from her newly arrived but illegal immigrant parents while a despondent Joanie (Paula Cale) believes that she is pregnant again. Amid the fallen leaves and festive plans, Robbie (Seth Peterson) befriends a sad homeless man (guest star J.D. Souther) who was a star blues guitarist and gives him a boost with a gig at O’Neill’s bar; Syd re-thinks her decision to spend Thanksgiving with John (guest star Rob Estes) when his wealthy but meddling mother (guest star Tippi Hedren) disapproves of her devotion to helping people; Jim (Mike Farrell) tries to dodge the suggestive advances of a matron (Cristine Rose) who’s got more than turkey on her mind while he treats a sick chimp from a circus — and is surprised to discover they can communicate via sign language. Concetta Tomei also stars..

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