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01-05-2001 8:00PM

SYD LINGERS OVER REPRESSED MEMORY OF HER MOTHER WHILE HELPING DYING ELDERLY MOTHER — An anguished Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) is forced to recall a repressed childhood memory of her late mother Lynda’s (Concetta Tomei) flirtation with a neighbor while she nurses a dying elderly woman (guest star Eileen Ryan) who struggles to remain alive long enough to reconciliate with her arriving daughter. Elsewhere: Joanie (Paula Cale) poses as Syd at a pharmaceutical convention in order to get her sister some much-needed drug samples but winds up in jail with a gaggle of hookers; Robbie (Seth Peterson) mistakenly ends up playing a serious game of cards with some mob wiseguys; and Jim (Mike Farrell) turns the house upside down when he becomes obsessed with ousting a playful but evasive mouse. .

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