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First-rate, top quality news reports form the longest running, most recognized and trusted product-testing institute in America. Good Housekeeping Reports combines the trusted expertise of Good Housekeeping with the credibility and authority of you local newscast.

For a century, the Good Housekeeping Institute has been the most trusted voice in the consumer marketplace. The Institute’s emblem of its limited warranty, the legendary Good Housekeeping Seal is the most recognized symbol of consumer product assurance in America.

Good Housekeeping Reports provides usable “take-away” viewer information and advice on a vast range of topics important to viewers such as consumer advice and information, product evaluation, health and nutrition information, parenting advice, home maintenance information, and advice on day to day living.

Newscast integration with ready-to-broadcast segments complete with narration and graphics, or clean audio and video to be customized to your stations graphic look and voice-over talent.

Three 90 second reports per week, fed monthly via satellite, with suggested lead-in and lead-out copy.


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