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From women’s magazines that promise to reveal the “Secret Things Men Want From a Woman” to solicited advice from friends on how to understand the men in their lives, women have welcomed any insight into understanding the other half. Now with NBC Enterprises Domestic Syndication’s one-hour daytime talk show The Other Half, women have to look no further than their television screens!

The Other Half provides an engaging and insightful look into a woman’s world as seen through the eyes of men. Hosted by television veteran Dick Clark, former child star turned radio personality Danny Bonaduce, and popular television heartthrobs Mario Lopez and Dorian Gregory, the show brings four different men with unique perspectives on a variety of issues face-to-face with the women who long to understand them.

The Other Half features a variety of topics of interest to women ranging from fashion, relationships, rearing children, sex and friendships. The guests include experts in a variety of fields, celebrities, newsmakers and people who share common issues that women face today.

In addition to addressing these topics and issues before a live studio audience, “The Other Half” enables viewers to interact with the hosts via the show’s website (www.theotherhalf.tv). In a segment known as “e-Male,” viewers nationwide will have the opportunity to e-mail questions or comments to Dick, Danny, Mario and Dorian. The “Help My Love Life” segment enables viewers to address their problems or issues directly to the hosts.

Each of the ensemble hosts brings a different perspective to The Other Half. Dick Clark has been working side by side with his wife for over 35 years. Dick brings wisdom and a great perspective that can only come from his experience as a husband, father, celebrity and being in the public eye for years. “Men and women have been trying to figure out one another since the beginning of time,” Dick explains. “It’s even more important in the year 2001, 2002 or 2003 because life is so complicated – we have to communicate with each other!”

Danny Bonaduce brings a wealth of experiences from his early days as a child star turned bad boy to his current life as devoted husband and father. Danny draws from these experiences to bring an unprecedented level of pure honesty and a quick wit that can only come from him. Danny explains, “We are all so different that almost any woman can find out what the specific man in her life is thinking by watching Mario, Dorian, Dick or myself.”

For the young, hot bachelor perspective, viewers need look no further than Mario Lopez. Not just handsome, Mario is stunning with an unstoppable physique, captivating smile and has the ability to make any woman feel like she’s the only one in the room. Women will no longer need to fear this type of man (a.k.a. heartbreaker) when Mario shares his insights on what exactly makes this type of man tick (or commit!). “I grew up with a lot of women in my house – from my mother to my female cousins – I love women and I love talking about women,” Mario explains. “I’m very opinionated and have a lot to say. I won’t hold back!”

Handsome, charming and single, Dorian Gregory brings a wide range of unique personal experiences to his role as co-host of “The Other Half.” In addition to his duties on “The Other Half,” Dorian divides his time between his successful acting career, his music group, MD Says, and various community service activities. He has served as a National Spokesman for the American Diabetes Association and participates in the Los Angeles Police Department sponsored Jeopardy Program for at-risk youth. “Coming from very different backgrounds, we are all able to contribute our own personal perspectives on the world of women,” says Gregory.

Susan Winston, Dan Funk, Mark Stendal and Alan Winters are executive producers for the show. The Other Half is an NBC Studios production in association with Blanki & Bodi Production and Fisher Entertainment and distributed by NBC Enterprises Domestic Syndication. The Other Half, cleared in over 85 percent of the country, is from the partnership of NBC, Gannett Broadcasting and Hearst-Argyle Television.


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