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Did you know that the ostrich is the world’s largest bird, and that the male ostrich can stand nearly eight feet tall and weigh more than 300 pounds? These facts and more — along with wild and woolly black bear cubs, ring-tailed raccoons and mountain monarchs — make up the premise of Wild Moments, the exciting weekly half-hour series hosted by wildlife enthusiast Jack Hubley.

Categorized as family-friendly entertainment, the nationally syndicated Wild Moments presents a fresh approach to wildlife television that exhibits Mother Nature at her best and offers viewers fun, educational, high quality programming. The series will showcase the mysteries of animal life in North America and beyond as Hubley and his faithful dog, Trusty, an 8-year-old English Setter, hike fields, forests and deserts to offer a “bird’s eye view” of nature to their viewers.

“As a society, we’ve learned to live at such a comfort level that we’ve developed an estrangement from wildlife — a development that isn’t positive,” comments Hubley. “Humans and wild animals are very similar to one another — we both need clean air, clean water, food, shelter and open space. My goal with Wild Moments is to bridge that gap, to demonstrate how the welfare of wildlife, mankind and Planet Earth are connected and dependent on each other. Plus, I want to reacquaint viewers — adults and kids, alike — with their fuzzy neighbors, so that they have fun and feel as though they learned something after tuning into the show. ”

Wild Moments will offer viewers the opportunity to learn about lifestyles and habitats of an incredible array of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects — from outside their doorstep to the wild country beyond. Additionally, the series features segments on exotic animals from all over the world.

Hubley’s good-natured humor and love of the animal kingdom sets Wild Moments apart from other wildlife programming, enabling him to easily infuse people with an excitement and passion for animals and a desire to learn more about them. The show also differs from other series as it features Hubley’s dog, Trusty, as the series’ co-host.

“Trusty is the perfect partner for me on the series,” says Hubley, “because he doesn’t care about television, he likes to travel and he’s willing to try anything”as long as it’s not too risky!”

Trusty also contributes “fun facts” for viewers — “Trusty’s Trivia” — to help educate them as to the characteristics and talents of those within the animal kingdom. An example might be, “Which turtle can scale a 6-foot fence?” — A) The Snapping Turtle, B) The Painted Turtle, or C) The Wood Turtle ? (answer: The Wood Turtle).

Wild Moments is produced by Hearst-Argyle Television Productions and distributed by NBC Enterprises.

Hearst-Argyle Television Productions is a unit of Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., which owns and/or manages 26 network-affiliated television stations, and owns and/or manages seven radio stations, in geographically diverse U.S. markets. The Company’s television stations reach about 17.5% of U.S. TV households, making it one of the two largest non-network owned television station groups overall as measured by audience delivered. Hearst-Argyle trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HTV.”

NBC Enterprises is responsible for the global distribution and exploitation of NBC owned product, which includes foreign and domestic program syndication, strategic marketing and ancillary exploitation of owned product in home video, merchandising, licensing, music and publishing as well as strategic production and co-production alliances and co-ventures.

NBC Enterprises distributes all NBC-owned programming worldwide. This programming includes all shows produced by NBC Studios, NBC News, CNBC and MSNBC output.

NBC, a division of General Electric, is a global media company with broadly diverse holdings. NBC owns and operates the NBC Television Network and also owns 13 television stations. NBC also owns two 24-hour cable programming services, CNBC and MSNBC, with part ownership in 17 other cable services.


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