Published: October 25, 2002

photo preview / download Michelle Cottle, Howard Fineman, David Gregory and Pete Williams To Appear as Guests on “The Chris Matthews Show” the Weekend of October 26 and 27, 2002

BURBANK, Calif. — October 24, 2002 — This week, “The Chris Matthews Show” will take look at the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, its effects on campaign 2002, and also look back at the sniper investigation and how the terror of the past three weeks affected the country. Michelle Cottle of the New Republic Magazine, Howard Fineman, chief political correspondent of Newsweek, and NBC’s White House correspondent David Gregory will participate in a roundtable discussion.

In addition to the Wellstone death’s impact, the roundtable will discuss the last ten days of the current political campaign, Howard Fineman’s story in the next issue of Newsweek on how personal this campaign is for President Bush and his family, the President’s decision to embrace the issue of the economy in these last ten days, and how the democrats are trying to follow their old adage—“It’s the economy, stupid.”

NBC News Correspondent Pete Williams will offer the background facts on the sniper case.

In the final segment, Chris Matthews will deliver a closing commentary looking back on the 1938 Halloween radio broadcast by Orson Welles, The War Of The Worlds, which frightened Americans then, before the shared danger of 9/11 and the sniper terror.

Chris Matthews is the moderator of “The Chris Matthews Show.” Nancy Nathan is the executive producer and Matt Saal is the senior producer.

Based in Washington D.C., “The Chris Matthews Show” is produced by NBC News and distributed in national syndication by NBC Enterprises. Please check local listings for times and stations.


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