NBC 5/KXAS-TV Continues to Be the #1 TV Station in Dallas-Ft. Worth

NBC 5/KXAS-TV Continues to Be the #1 TV Station in Dallas-Ft. Worth
Published: May 23, 2002

photo preview / download NBC 5 Wins Sign-on to Sign-off (6am-2am), Late News, Early Morning News,

And Primetime for the Second Sweeps in a Row

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas — May 23, 2002 -– NBC 5/KXAS continues to be the market leader sign-on to sign-off (6am – 2am) and in three of the most important time periods on television. NBC 5 is the number one station Monday – Sunday 6am – 2am, in Late News, Early Morning News, and Primetime in Dallas-Ft. Worth. This data just released today by Nielsen Media Research at the close of the May 2002 sweeps.

In one of the closest races in the market’s history, NBC 5 wins sign-on to sign-off (6am – 2am) M-Sun for the second sweep in a row. NBC 5 has a 4.88HHrtg/12sh edging past long-time leader WFAA with its 4.86HHrtg/12sh. Significant ratings leads anchor the win in key time periods throughout the day:

NBC 5 News @ 10pm wins both Monday – Friday (11.73HHrtg/18sh) and Monday – Sunday (11.01HHrtg/18sh) for the second sweep in a row. NBC 5 shows strong year-year ratings growth, up 13% M-F, and 14% M-Sun from May 2001. WFAA takes second place with an 11.28rtg/18sh Monday – Friday, and a 10.98HHrtg/17sh Monday – Sunday. KTVT (4.51HHrt/7sh) and KDFW (4.46HHrtg/7sh) are third and fourth place respectively M-F.

* KDFW does not air Sat. / Sun. news at 10pm.

NBC 5 Today @ 6am continues to dominate the competition in the benchmark newscast of weekday mornings with its highest rating since 1997 and its third win in a row from 6-7am. NBC 5 averaged a 5.50 HHrtg/22sh – a six share-point lead over runner-up KDFW’s 4.06 HH rtg/16sh. WFAA is in third place with a 4.04HHrtg/16sh. NBC 5 shows 24% ratings growth in the time period from May 2001.

NBC 5 Today @ 5am (2.25HHrtg/16sh) wins for the second sweep in a row with an unprecedented 10 share-point lead over former market leader WFAA (0.86HHrtg/6sh). NBC 5 us up 11% in ratings from May 2001 from 5-5:30pm.

NBC 5 Today at 5:30am wins with a 3.26HHrtg/20sh, up 22% year-year. NBC 5 holds a 9 share-point lead over WFAA’s 1.87HHrtg/11sh. For the hour from 5-6am, NBC 5 leads with a 2.76HHrtg/18sh, KDFW is second with a 1.72HHrtg/11sh, and WFAA is third with a 1.37HHrtg/9sh. Weekend Mornings on NBC 5 round out the Early Morning win, beating the competition in both Saturday and Sunday morning newscasts.

In Early News, NBC 5 First at Four is still the viewer’s choice for news from 4-5pm, averaging a 3.73HHrtg/9sh and showing a 13% share growth from May 2001. The competing newscast on KTVT averaged a 1.90HHrtg/ 5sh. At 5pm and 6pm, NBC 5 maintains the number two spot in the market with a 5.30HHrtg/11sh at 5pm and a 6.44HH rtg/12sh at 6pm.

“This is one of the most significant sweeps results in the history of the station because is shows that more viewers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area consider us their source for local news”, said NBC 5 President and General Manager Tom O’Brien.

NBC 5 VP, News Director Susan Tully adds, “”We have a strong staff of talented people at NBC 5 who know how to produce a broadcast that is live, local and late breaking. Our ratings success shows that creative, talented and dedicated people are what makes a winning newsroom.”

NBC Primetime takes #1 with a 9.93HHrtg/16sh Monday – Sunday, showing 23% growth from May 2001. ABC is second with a 7.72HHrtg/12sh. CBS places third with a 6.33HHrtg/10sh. FOX comes in fourth with 5.43HHrtg/9sh.


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