Published: January 9, 2003

photo preview / download NEW YORK — January 9, 2002 — As America prepares for a possible war with Iraq, NBC News’ “Today” will broadcast live from Saudi Arabia on Monday and Tuesday, January 13 and 14 to offer perspective on the oil capital of the world and its citizens — this at a time when the region remains the focus of the world’s attention.

Co-anchor Katie Couric will examine Saudi Arabia’s religious powers, its government, its alleged ties to Osama bin Laden and various Al Queda roots, and the people who live their everyday lives amongst such tension.

At the Prince Sultan Air Force Base, which is jointly owned by the U.S., Couric will talk to some of the 5,000 American Air Force personnel that are responsible for patrolling Iraq’s no-fly zone. She will sit down with Defense Minister Khalid bin Sultan, a royal family member who ran Saudi Arabia’s military operations during Desert Storm.

Additional segments planned for the two days include a live interview with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud, a visit to Madain Saleh, a well-preserved ancient city virtually unknown to Americans, a look at why the region is so important to the U.S. and an in-depth look at the role of women in Saudi Arabia.

Photos will be made available at www.nbcmv.com.



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