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Adrian Esta de Visita

Every family has secrets…Could an unexpected guest reveal yours?

“Adrián está de visita” tells the story of the Franco-Estrada family; a family that enjoyed an impeccable social, moral, and financial reputation. No one challenged its members who were distinguished by their elegance, intelligence, and the respect they inspired. Without a doubt, the Franco-Estrada family was absolutely perfect.

Absolutely perfect was Don FABIO FRANCO, who is youthful, dynamic, and attractive, surely due to the successful life he has had. He always gave his heart and soul for the sake of his family and the success of his business, one of the country’s most productive and prominent milk-based products company. Yes, Don Fabio Franco was perfect indeed…until the very night that unusual stranger arrived.

Perfect as well was Doña ELSA ESTRADA DE FRANCO, who is infinitely tender and generous. Quiet, discrete, and very modest; the perfect housewife who only lives for her loved-ones. Her charitable way extends to her sister Paulina, whom she has protected ever since she became blind after a terrible accident, as well as her niece LUCIA ESTRADA, who was an orphan with no financial means of supporting herself. Yes, Elsa Estrada de Franco was the perfect example of a true lady…until the night she had to face that unusual stranger.

As you would expect, CRISTIAN FRANCO, Elsa and Fabio’s youngest child, was also perfect. He’s an athletic and very handsome 23 year old man, like his father was at that age. There’s no doubt he will follow into his father’s footsteps so, naturally, he’s the center of attention of all the single ladies who are looking for a “good catch”. There’s no doubt about it, Cristian Franco was a perfect young man…until the night he became aware of that unusual stranger’s existence.

KAREN FRANCO is the perfect daughter of Fabio and Elsa. She is the perfect image of an angel; blonde, light eyed, with a spectacular figure. Who would not want to win this beautiful and distinguished creature’s love? Everyone who knew her did not question it: Karen Franco was perfect in every way…until she met that unusual stranger.

And, who is that stranger? The man who will reveal to the world that Nothing is what it seems in “Adrián está de visita”.


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