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Al Ritmo de Pleasure Island
Special Program (Check your Local Listing)

Step up. Step back. Swing those hips. Shake that head. Clap, sweat and enjoy!

No, it’s not a new dance, that’s the true Rhythm of Pleasure Island! Taped live at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island, “Al Ritmo de Pleasure Island” is brimming with performances by top entertainers like: Azul Azul, Jenni Rivera, Frankie Negron, Graciela Beltran, Rabanes, Los Tri-O & Lupillo Rivera. From salsa to merengue to Latin pop, this special packs the beat that’s guaranteed to get viewers from coast to coast up and moving. Join hundreds of party people and enjoy hot talent, hot rhythms, and all the fun that only “Al Ritmo de Pleasure Island” can serve up!


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