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¡Ay Caramba!
Monday through Friday on Telemundo 11:30AM (ET/PT)

When the producers got together to come up with a name for this show, all one of them could say was, “Ay Caramba, I can’t think of anything.” And so was born Telemundo’s top-rated comedy program. Irreverent, funny and unpredicable, “¡Ay Caramba!” features hilarious stunts caught on home video, pranks, cute kid moments, zany pet tricks and unbelievable bloopers and blunders. Hosted by Roberto Angelelli and a dynamic team, “¡Ay Caramba!” portrays the cast in zany situations that play out through the duration of the show. Notorious for breaking its own mold, “¡Ay Caramba!” is a clever, highly entertaining show that always delivers good fun to its loyal, all-ages audience.


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