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Monday through Friday on Telemundo 1:00PM (ET/PT)

Funny, audacious, daring and uncensored. These words neatly sum up what “Cotorreando” is all about. They also describe the spirit and keen insights of the show’s hosts: Mauricio Zeilic, Graciela Mori and Luisa Fernanda Lozano experts at presenting and uncovering all sorts of juicy news from the world of Hispanic entertainment. “Cotorreando” dares to bring Hispanic viewers the most uncensored coverage and keeps audiences up to date on the latest secrets, plans and projects of their favorite performers.

Viewers find the dynamic cross-fire style of the hosts highly enjoyable as they’re let in on a full live hour of the latest scoops, interviews, musical videos and the most outrageous gossip about their favorite stars.


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