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Dragon Ball Z
Sundays on Telemundo 7:00-7:30AM (ET/PT)

A huge animated hit in Japan, Dragon Ball Z is a story of Goku, a member of the Sayian alien race, who was sent as a small child to Earth to destroy the planet. Goku has the ability to transform himself into huge beasts and destroy whole cities in seconds. Following Sayian tradition, Goku’s mission was to exterminate all life forms and then sell the planet to other races looking to relocate. However, a head injury caused him to forget that he was a Sayian and his mission. He was unwittingly raised as a human. Goku is the most powerful warrior on earth. His arch-nemesis, the Emperor Freeza, is a major threat to the universe. Together with his son Gohan and friends, Goku will live perilous and unforgettable adventures!


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