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Monday through Friday on Telemundo 4:00PM (ET/PT)

Produced by Telemundo and taped at the Astro studios in Lima, Peru, “LAURA” is a modern-day program that serves as a reflection of the most intimate conflicts suffered by human beings, providing Hispanics everywhere a stage for the debate of all issues concerning families around the world.

What distinguishes “LAURA” from other talk shows is the credibility of its host Laura Bozzo, her great sense of compassion, and her quest for justice affecting the lives of Hispanic TV viewers. A self-described impulsive individual, her crusade to help people who don’t have any form of support of their own, has been heralded since her first appearance in February of 1998.

Daily debates highlight varying topics ranging from discrimination and domestic abuse problems, to violence, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, and adultery; the source of each issue centered in reality and presented in the most honest way. Participants leave the program with concrete solutions, in addition to medical, legal and psychological assistance, with follow-up provided to each case thereafter.

From its first live transmission from America Television Studios in Lima in February 1998, the show was an instant hit. It became a ratings success, as 5 out of 6 viewers tuned in each weekday afternoon. In December 1999, the talk show was honored with a “Silver Dragon” award for Most Outstanding Television Program from Chile, and the “Crystal” award for Best Television Host granted by America Television.


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