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Protagonistas de la Musica
Monday – Friday 8:00PM (ET/PT)

“Protagonistas de la Música” is the first musical reality show in Spanish language television in the US. Hundreds of hopeful singers came to the castings held throughout the nation and only 14 – seven men and seven women – were selected to be part of the show. They will have to live together, sleep together and share everything for several weeks, as they compete to win the major prize: a recording contract with Sony Discos.

Each week, the contestants will face a talent screening which will help them secure their spot in the studio and continue their dream to success. Based on the results from the musical tryouts and those of the “face-off” (where the participants vote to eliminate each other), the TV audience will be able to vote weekly via telephone or through the Internet (by accessing Terra.com) and choose who should leave the studio.

Special guest stars, including popular singers and producers, will visit the studio and will serve as judges in the competitions.

The show will have a superstar as a host: singer/actor Carlos Ponce, who will be the mediator, guide and friend to the aspiring young stars. This great artist, with three novelas (soap operas) and three music albums on his resume, has won the hearts of millions around the world thanks to his talent and charisma.

“Protagonistas de la Música”, will take place in a studio especially arranged to meet the requirements of the show, which will offer the participants all of the comforts needed during their stay, along with 75 microphones and 35 video cameras which will capture all of their movements and sounds… 24-hours a day! The audience will be able to enjoy each night all the drama, excitement, disagreements, schemes, disappointments and triumphs of the contestants, and take part in the development of the show with their vote.


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