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Sabado de Futbol
Saturdays (Check your local listings)

Sábado de Fútbol is filled with the action and excitement that only the most popular sport in the world can deliver. The show features top matches of the Mexican National Soccer league, the most popular league among U.S. Hispanics. This season will bring some of the most powerful teams in the Mexican arsenal, teams like America, Necaxa and Guadalajara’s TECOs.

The quality of Mexico’s first division soccer is outstanding, making it one of the foremost leagues in the world with some of today’s biggest soccer stars. Players such as Argentina’s Sebastian “El Loco” Abreu, Chile’s Ivan “Bam Bam” Zamorano, Peru’s Juan Reynoso and Paraguay’s Jose Cardozo join national heroes like Jared Borgetti, Antonio de Nigris and Claudio Suarez!

The action is made even more exciting with sports anchors Andrés (Goooal!) Cantor and Norberto Longo. These two dynamic personalities make each soccer match an event not to be missed, only on Telemundo!


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