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¿Sabía Usted?
Saturdays on Telemundo 11:30PM (ET/PT)Sundays on Telemundo 12:00AM (ET/PT)

People once thought the world was flat. Brave explorers took incredible risks in search of the truth and proved, once and for all, that which we take for granted today. This, is also the mission of “¿Sabía Usted?” and its team of explorers: to discover the outrageous, the incredible, the exotic, and the picturesque and to stimulate the viewers’ imaginations.

Each week, “¿Sabía Usted?” takes viewers on an amazing tour of the most remote regions of our world’s five continents, discover rare and surprising events from the worlds of sports, gastronomy, folklore, rituals, and the cultural habits of little known regions of our planet. “¿Sabía Usted?” will keep viewers glued to the TV screen with its originality and audacity.


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